Special Buddhist Events, Meditation Workshops, Day Courses, and Retreats

Aug 17-20 ~ Retreat: Following in the Footsteps of Buddha

Following in the Footsteps of Buddha: Guided Lamrim Retreat
Thursday, August 17th~Sunday, August 20th

The entire Buddhist path includes many different meditations leading to an experience of loving-kindness, awareness of impermanence, perfect wisdom and full enlightenment. By becoming familiar with these meditations, you will enjoy the peace and fulfillment that come from a spiritually meaningful life.

Cost: $5/session. $15/entire day. You may attend the entire retreat or drop in for any session.

Thursday, August 17th (Foundation of Faith)
8:00am: The Meaning of our Life
10:00am: Time Flies: Remember Death
2:00pm: Protection for the Future
4:00pm: Non-Deceptive Happiness

Friday, August 18th (Progressing on the Path)
8:00am: Believing Karma
2:00pm: Understanding Suffering
4:00pm: Ignorance is not Bliss
7:00pm: The Path to Liberation

Saturday, August 19th (Developing Compassion)
8:00am: Freedom from Pain
10:00am: Cultivating Universal Love
4:00pm: Cultivating Universal Compassion
6:30pm: The Supreme Good Heart

Sunday, August 20th (Developing Compassion)
8:00am: A Commitment to Practice
10:00am: Liberating Wisdom