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Jun 12 ~ Special Healing Meditation

Taking and Giving 2017 - no dates

A Special Healing Meditation: the Power of Taking & Giving
with visiting Resident Teacher Kelsang Lhadron from KMC New Mexico

Monday, June 12th • 7-8:30pm

In this course, Kelsang Lhadron will explain the special – magical – practice of taking by means of compassion and giving by means of love, or tonglen in Tibetan. We may often feel our capacity to help others is limited but through this profound practice, we can tap into the unlimited potential of our mind, thus going beyond our ordinary perceptions and limitations and learn how to really bring benefit to our self and others. By combining our breath with these meditations, we can gradually increase our capacity for love, joy, and compassion. This practice is also a powerful method for purifying the negative karma that is the main cause of our own suffering.

Registration: $15, pre-registration highly encouraged. Membership discounts apply.


About the teacher:
Kelsang Lhadron is the Resident Teacher at Kadampa Meditation Center New Mexico. Lhadron has lived and taught classes at both KMC New York and KMC Georgia. Her practical, warm and accessible style endears her to all.