Dakini Yoga

vajrayoginiHeld every Friday at 9:00am (duration: 1 hour 15 mins). See our online calendar.

This six-session yoga has been specially arranged for those who have received a Vajrayogini Highest Yoga Tantra (HYT) empowerment. Six-session yoga can be practiced in different ways according to our ability and how much time we have. If we are new to the practice, or if we are very busy, we can keep our basic commitments by reciting the Condensed Six-session Yoga according to the instructions given in the second section of this sadhana. We can recite the main six-session practice, Dakini Yoga, for one session, and the Condensed Six-session Yoga for the remaining five sessions.

This practice is mainly for HYT practitioners but those planning to attend a future HYT empowerment are also welcome.