Melodious Drum (Kangso)

Held on the 29th of each month (duration: 3 hours and 45 mins). Check our online calendar for times.

This practice consists Dorje Shugden 4 with offerings and backgroundof prayers to our Dharma Protector, Dorje Shugden. 

A Dharma Protector is an emanation of a Buddha or a Bodhisattva whose main functions are to avert the inner and outer obstacles that prevent practitioners from gaining spiritual realizations, and to arrange all the necessary conditions for their practice.

There are many brief and middling-length practices of Dorje Shugden, such as Heart Jewel and Wishfulfilling Jewel. This more extensive practice, called ‘Kangso’ in Tibetan, is usually performed once a month in Dharma Centers worldwide.

Bring a vegetarian food offering if you wish. Everyone is welcome to attend.