Liberation from Sorrow (Green Tara)

Green Tara 3 with offerings and backgroundHeld on the 8th of every month (duration: 1 hour). See our online calendar for times.

Tara is a female Buddha, a manifestation of the ultimate wisdom of all the Buddhas.

‘Tara’ means ‘rescuer’. She protects us from all internal and external dangers, provides us with all the necessary conditions for our spiritual training and guides us and inspires us with her blessings as we progress along the spiritual path.

She rescues us from the eight outer fears (the fears of lions, elephants, fire, snakes, thieves, water, bondage, and evil spirits), and from the eight inner fears (the fears of pride, ignorance, anger, jealousy, wrong views, attachment, miserliness, and deluded doubts).

If we rely upon Mother Tara sincerely with strong faith, she will protect us from all obstacles and fulfil all our wishes. Everyone is welcome to attend this beautiful practice.