Classes at Laughing Buddha Yoga Center
with Kadam Michelle Gauthier

One Saturday a Month from 4-5pm

The Power of Mantra
September 16th, 4-5pm

Mantra means ‘mind protection’. For centuries mantra recitation has been used to pacify the negative thoughts that give rise to suffering and thereby attain a peaceful mind. Reciting mantras calms the mind, connects us to our inner good qualities, and helps us maintain a positive mind.

Special Healing Meditation: The Power of Taking and Giving
October 14th, 4-5pm

Learn the practice of ‘taking’ by means of compassion and ‘giving’ by means of love, or tonglen in Tibetan. We may often feel our capacity to help others is limited but through this profound practice, we can tap into the unlimited potential of our mind going beyond our ordinary perceptions and limitations and learn how to really bring benefit to our self and others.

Clear Sky Mind
November 11th, 4-5pm

Experience mental clarity and inner peace by meditating on our mind itself. By practicing this meditation, your mind will become progressively more subtle and peaceful, causing you to experience a profound inner stillness and tranquility.

Everyone is welcome to attend these classes, no prior experience is needed.

Location:  Laughing Buddha Yoga Center – 5025 S. Ash Ave, B16, Tempe, AZ

Registration:  $15 if you register in advance or $20 at the door. To register, please call Laughing Buddha Yoga 480-664-2515 or register online at laughingbuddhaaz.com (Click on ‘Schedule’ from the pull down menu, then choose “Workshop” tab.)