Monday Night Meditation Class in Phoenix

Mondays 7:00pm – 8:30pm
with Kadam Michelle Gauthier and Rob Wisniewski

The class begins with a guided breathing and relaxation meditation to help stop any busyness within the mind. This is followed by a teaching on a practical topic within Buddhism and meditation to help improve our experience of inner peace. Lastly there is a concluding meditation and time for any questions.

Through sincerely practicing these teachings we can solve our daily problems such as the problems of anger, attachment, and ignorance. We will  maintain a lasting peaceful mind so that we will be happy all the time. We will generate harmony and good relationships with our family, friends, and others so that we can help others experience happiness too. With these experiences we will make our human life very meaningful.

Advice from Atisha’s Heart

Of all the great Buddhist masters that lived in earlier times, one of the most highly regarded was Atisha. He was so serene and calm at all times, and imbued those around him with a similar stillness, that he came to be known simply as ‘Peace’ by those who spoke of him.

Towards the end of his life he shared from his heart the key practices he had relied on to find his enlightenment.

July 10 ~ Reliance on the Spiritual Path
July 17 ~ Practicing Contentment
July 24 ~ Rejoicing
July 31 ~ The Peace of Patience
August 7 ~ A Joyful Practice
August 14 ~ Compassion

Registration: $10 per class.

This class is suitable for all levels of experience, including beginners. Although presented as a series, each class is self contained so you are welcome to attend the entire series or just drop in for a particular class. Everyone Welcome.

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