Simply Meditate: A Beginners Meditation Class


Simply Meditate: A Beginners Meditation Class
*Wednesdays  6:30pm – 7:30pm

The purpose of these classes is to help people gain personal experience of inner peace through the practice of meditation, to overcome their daily problems, and to find real happiness in their hearts so they can be of benefit to those around them. The classes are suitable for people with entry level experience. *Please note the first Wednesday of each month is our Open House.


Dealing with Frustration
Stress, irritation, frustration and anger are common experiences in modern life. These painful states of mind can easily arise when we encounter challenging situations and people. Learn simple yet powerful meditations to decrease your frustrations and improve your ability to practice patience and inner peace.

April 12th: The Peace of Patience
April 19th: Taming the Angry Mind
April 26th: Practical Compassion

How to Really Be Happy
Buddha’s teaching on the Four Noble Truths helps us to understand the true cause of our suffering pain and problems and how to permanently overcome this suffering and find everlasting happiness. These meditations will provide practical ways to improve our sense of peace and happiness.

May 10th: The Hidden Nature of Suffering
May 17th: The Real Cause of Suffering
May 24th: The Courage to Change
May 31st: Liberating the Mind

Meditations for a Kind Heart
Taking and giving is a beautiful and profound method to transform our personal problems, our relationships and the world into the very means for experiencing love, joy, compassion and wisdom. This ancient practice brings mental peace and happiness, increasing our spiritual strength and capacity to overcome challenges while developing a supreme good heart.

June 14th: Compassion in Action
June 21st: The Power of Love
June 28th: Healing Meditations

Class Format: The class begins with a 15 minute guided meditation to relax both the body and mind followed by a short teaching on meditation. The class concludes with a 20 minutes meditation and an opportunity to ask any questions.

Registration: No registration needed, just drop in. Class is $5. This class is free for Monthly Members. Click here to become a Monthly Member

Location: Kadampa Meditation Center Phoenix (formerly Clear Light Buddhist Center) , 614 E. Townley Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85020